Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines or sanitary sewers are main the pipes of the sewage system.  These pipes collect sewage from your home or commercial buildings and transfer it to treatment plants where contaminants in the water are eliminated.  If broken, these sewer lines can be a nuisance. They are nasty, smelly, and most of all costly if left unattended.


Why do sewer lines break?

Homeowners in Houston should be aware of the following causes why sewer lines fail:

  • ROOT PENETRATION – Trees are everywhere so there is a high chance that their roots can infiltrate your sewer lines. They can block the lines that will lead to unwanted leaks.
  • BLOCKAGES – Ordinary materials from your home may cause blockages. Don’t flush sanitary items like napkins, cotton swabs, and wet wipes because they are hard to break down. Other things like grease, paint, and oil can cause problems too.
  • OLD AGE – Sewers deteriorate with age. The older the sewage pipes get, the higher the risk it is broken. Sewage lines, after years and years of exposure to harsh conditions are very susceptible to cracks and leakages.


What are the signs that your sewer lines are breaking?

Sewer lines may be unseen but don’t let that stop you. Prevention is always better than cure. Here are the telltale signs if your sewer lines are starting to deteriorate:

  • Regular backups – If you’re experiencing sewage backups every time you flush your toilet then your pipes might be clogged. Persistent clogging is one of the simple signs that your sewage lines are damaged.
  • Mold Infestation – Cracked sewer lines behind your walls or in your floor can cause damp spots which is a breeding ground for molds due to their low humidity. Mold or mildew buildups can be extremely toxic.

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  • Foul Odor – Funky odor inside your house means there is a leak or crack in your sewage system. When your sewer lines crack, moisture can build inside the pipes. This moisture helps the buildup of mold and fungus which excretes funky odor.
  • Patches of Green in your lawn – broken sewage lines underground provides water and fertilizer in the soil resulting to lush patches of grasses in your lawn.
  • Cracks and Indentations – When the leaks of your sewage lines are untreated for a long period of time voids and cracks in the foundation of your house can be formed.


How can you fix your broken sewage lines?

Drain Cleaning Houston knows the way!

Broken sewer lines demand immediate action and attention. Homeowners cannot fix this on their own because it requires tools and specific methods that only professionals can do. If you suspect that your home’s sewer line system is damaged, Draining Cleaning Houston is here. Call us today and we will set an appointment to fix your sewage problems!


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Other plumbing services may take even days just to respond to your inquiries but not us. We value time as much as you do. Drain Cleaning Houston offers speedy services and options suited to your sewage problems to avoid more damage and hefty bills.

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Our team of experts is well trained in solving sewage repair and sewer line replacement. We offer both traditional and trenchless repair methods using updated, effective techniques and state of the art equipment.

We provide solutions.

Drain Cleaning Houston will also give you tips and teach you ways of how to prevent sewage problems in the future. We will help you get back and ensure that your home is safe and free from trouble.


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Eliminate all the problems cause by your broken sewer lines.

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