Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Homeowners tend to overlook their drainage system. They often forget cleaning their drainage pipes resulting to clogged drains and foul smelling gasses intruding their homes.  Simple things from your kitchen and bathroom can block your drains without your notice that’s why next thing you know water from your shower or worse, from your toilet, is not going down the drain.

Another cause of most drainage problems are from improper grading. Grading is the slope of the yard. An ideal graded yard should slope gently downward from the house or building and toward the streets.

The problem is… Texas is relatively flat. There is little or no elevation change in the properties. That’s why Houston homeowners like you are advised to spare time to have your drains checked and cleaned regularly because drainage problems are mostly likely happen.

What are the benefits of having clean drains?

  • More Efficient Drainage – A good and clean drainage means no more blockages. Water will flow freely preventing it to stand and backflow from your draining pipes. No more showering in a half foot standing water and messy over flowing water from the toilet!
  • Limits Foul Odor- Clogged drains means bad odor. Dirty damp and wet areas attract bacteria and unwanted molds in your home. Having your drains free from blockage will prevent the buildup of bacteria and molds that are the main cause of the funky smell.
  • Clean and Damage Free Home- Annual clearing up will help your drains from becoming too full. Clogged drains will result to leakage of waste water and unhygienic conditions such as the intrusion of foul smell and occurrence of blockages which in turns damage your homes.
  • Lessen the Expenses- When you have clogged drains full of blockages, the drainage pipes will eventually leak unsanitary water. This water can cause discoloration and damage to the walls and floor of your home making it more costly to repair. Annual clearing up of these drainage pipes will help to avoid you from spending too much money from the damages it may cause.


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Always keeping your drains clean really does have a lot of benefits. Most of the homeowners will try to put their drainage problems in their hands. They try to make their own dry cleaner chemicals to save money. Instead of solving the problem they often do more harm than good.


Drain Cleaning Chemicals do not often work and are dangerous.

  1. Chemical drain cleaners burn down metal pipes and galvanize plumbing.
  2. Chemicals solidify inside the drain line and irritate the blockage. If the chemical does not melt the blockage or flush it down the drain, it will sit in the sink line and crystallize leaving it impossible to clean or remove it.
  3. Chemicals are also hazardous. Being exposed to harsh chemicals can cause chemical burns. It can burn your eyes, skin, and lungs without proper protective gears.


Why waste time and money when you can let the professionals handle it? How can you have a clean drainage system?

Drain Cleaning Houston knows the way!

These drainage problems are really annoying but when caught and dealt early on, they are relatively easy to handle. Drain Cleaning Houston will help you all the way.

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Other plumbing services may take even days just to respond to your inquiries but not us. We value time as much as you do. Drain Cleaning Houston offers speedy services and options suited to your drainage problems to avoid more damage and hefty bills.

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Our team of experts is well trained in solving plumbing problems. We repair or replace cracked, damaged, leaking, or broken drainage pipes. Drain Cleaning Houston also offer both traditional and trench less repair methods using effective techniques and state of the art equipment.

We provide solutions.

Drain Cleaning Houston will also give you tips and teach you ways of how to prevent drainage problems in the future. We will help you get back and ensure that your home is safe and free from trouble.

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Eliminate all the problems cause by your clogged drainage pipes.

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